About Us

Say Hello to Easy, Painless, and Mess-Free Hair Removal

The OLEGA Painless Hair RemoverĀ usesĀ over 2500 Micro edge technology, that helpsĀ cuts/breaks the hair from the skinā€™s surface when you run it gently on the skin without causing and pain or discomfort. This further helps exfoliate the skin and leaving it silky- smooth.

OLEGA is derived from the Scandinavian origin and it means Blessed. We are a women led company, and feel blessed to be living in this world full of opportunities andĀ empowering women by making them feel more confident and independent.

How it all started?

It all started with a small idea, from my grandmother, who once suggested using pumice stone on my legs to remove the chicken skin marks caused from years of waxing. And guess what, it really improved the quality of skin on my legs significantly. This led us to refining that idea and creating something magical for all women.

Safe, Gentle and Hygienic

We are driven towards making Hair Removal affordable, skin safe, and easy to use for women. It is thoughtfully designed and comes through for you every time.

What we stand for?

In an industry that seems to care only about appearances and quick fixes, we at Olega wanted to make a positive impact on the people and planet.

Olega users will help keep millions of single use plastic razors, plastic bottles/tubes of hair removal creams from filling the landfills every year. This makes our heart smile.

Olegaā„¢ is a Trademark owned by Lesmor Design Pvt Ltd. www.olega.co is owned by the legal entity Lesmor Design Pvt. Ltd.Ā